What You Should About Car rental Mississauga?

Written on May 15, 2018   By   in Car Rental Transportation

If you are planning on renting a car Downtown this summer or just considering renting, you need to take a look at the report that states what you should do before you rent a car.  Take a look at the few warnings that you need to take care of and the things that you need to consider when you plan on car rental Mississauga.

Warning: Be Careful of Premium Station Fees

At present, taking up a rental car at the major train station or airport can inflate the total cost. Usually, premium station fees amount to almost 15 to 20 percent of the rental bill in many places. You will be able to avoid these rental fees if you pick up car rental Mississauga from the office and return it at the airport without an extra charge.  You need to keep in mind that downtown offices are generally closed on rental mississauga

Recommendations: Cross the Border

Rental rates are usually lower in Germany than in any Western European Country.  This can be great if you are taking a tour of Germany.  However, if you plan most of the driving in France, Switzerland, Benelux, renting close to the German border can cut down on the cost to a great extent.  Moreover, the rental rates are pretty low in France than in places of Switzerland that it is better to rent on the French side of Basel-Mulhouse or Geneva Airports. When you go to northern Italy, you need to consider a French car rental Mississauga at Geneva.

In case you are planning on driving in Switzerland, you need to make sure that you have Swiss Autobahn Tax Sticker with you.

Recommendation: Use Plastic Protection

It is better to shun the very expensive collision insurance of the rental company and use the insurance that is provided by your credit card. However, for this you need to verify if the credit card you have provides these insurance since a majority of the premium cards do. Thus, you need to ensure that you do not accidentally accept the insurance of the rental company.

Recommendations: Be Shiftless

Unless you are mechanically challenged, you should opt for a manual-shift vehicle from the car rental Mississauga.  This is going to cut your rental cost and will also fuel the cost. The only place that you will ever want to have an automatic car is Britain, where driving on the wrong side of the road and controls on the opposite side will demand your attention.


Recommendation: Opt for Diesel

Diesel offer better mileage and fuel might cost less than gasoline. Hence, diesel is simply the best choice. Quite unfortunately, these days a majority of the rental companies will not guarantee diesel but you can simply rental mississauga

Warning: Full Isn’t Right

Usually, European rental companies advertise that full cars might be more upscale but they are not bigger than the midsize model.  In case you need more room than the mid-size car offers then you should opt for a van or a station wagon.


Warning: Watch Where You Go

Western European car rental Mississauga often includes prohibition against driving in some of the Eastern Countries.  You should let your rental agency know in advance where you are planning on going and you need to make sure that these areas are okay. Read more insights and stories on Car rental here!