a. Metazen accepts pieces of fiction, poetry, reviews and art. Click above to submit.

b. We look forward to reading your submissions and we treat every piece we receive with a respect for its potency.

c. We publish daily and therefore are (as of this update) never closed to submissions. Simultaneous and multiple submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

d. Along with your submission (if you please) please send us a brief-ish biography in 3rd person.

e. Due to an increase in submissions we apologize for any delays in responding. We are a non-profit, volunteer based litzine and will work as fast as we can to read and respond to your submissions. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding the submission process or Metazen please feel free to email Frank at with the subject line:





a. We will accept stories no longer than 2000 words. (Ok so, that’s not fully true. If your story is longer than 2k submit it. If we want it shorter, we’ll ask. If it’s like some ridiculous length though, like, keep it lean. People have to read this off of the internet. It’s more work. Think about it.)

b. If your story is longer, please query first. Send a snippet. If it is batshit good then of course we will bend. We also have serialized stories in the past.

c. Please send us no more than two fiction submissions at once.

d. Also, be careful about submitting then withdrawing and then submitting again via submishmash. It clogs our email. If you’re going to submit, submit once. Make it count. 

e. Kinds of fiction we like: Experimental fiction, literary fiction, metafiction, meta-meta fiction, magical realism, absurdist fiction, surreal fiction, K-Mart realism, minimalist fiction. We like all of this stuff. We like things that feel true in non-normal ways. We like text that is broken up and structures that seem unfamiliar. We like to read things that show a kind of suffering went into the work. We like pieces that use minimal means to achieve maximum potential.




a. If you are submitting poems, please submit only two at a time.

b. Poems should have a particular aesthetic quality that fits with under the nearly tattered umbrella of “experimental”.

c. We like poems that challenge us to think of things in fresh ways. We like poems that fetch things from inside of us that seemed lost. We like poems with odd lilts. We like anticipal poetry. We like poems that have been accepted and then rejected from the Paris Review. Your poetry should have a subtle sexiness.




Starting in 2013 we began publishing the Sunday Review. We will accept reviews of 30-35,000 words of poetry, ebooks, chaps, novels or anything else remotely related to the literary world. Be creative in your reviewing but note, we are not out to burn or scathe, but to enlighten potential readers. Do not submit anything with the slightest tinge of hate. Your reviews may come in any format so long as they possess some combination of wit, intelligence and heart.


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