How Metazen Works


away we go…

metazen publishes stories by various authors


metazen publishes poems


metazen publishes new content every single day


metazen has a schedule:

monday- a story is published

tuesday- a story is published

wednesday- a story is published

thursday- a story is published

friday- a story is published

saturday- special announcements

every autre sunday- The Sunday Review


metazen likes odd stories and odd poems, but ones that touch you in a special way


metazen began in March 2009 on a small coffee table with Frank staring at a bluish screen. Frank was drunk and hopeful


metazen does not believe in non-fiction, both in a literary sense and an existential sense


some stories will feature a Frank, who is a sad man. a pathetic man. a writer. a lonely, lost man. Frank is real. Frank’s stories are real. Fictional Frank and the Frank of this site are one and the same. They are also not the same at all


some stories will be completely devoid of Frank because they are written by other, more talented authors than Frank


it is important to help metazen grow because it is not a ‘for money’ kind of thing


metazen welcomes submissions and feedback

Listed at Duotrope's Digest

Metazen is an online fiction zine that publishes short fiction and poetry by various authors. Metazen is a flytrap for metafiction, existentialism and  absurdism. It harbors all kinds of filth such as neurotic characters, obscure philosophies, love for inanimate objects and quests toward enlightenment.

Metazen occasionally follows the real life, meta-fictional exploits of Frank.

Metazen is edited by Frank Hinton, Christopher Allen, Caitlin Laura Galway, Len Kuntz, Janey Smith, Declan Tan and Belinda Kalala

Editor Alumni: Julie Innis, Sheldon Lee Compton, DJ Berndt and Finnegan Flawnt

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4 Responses to “How Metazen Works”

  1. it is great how metazen has taken off. i love the mag. and i am even beginning to like frank.
    btw. the real reason for this diatribe is the missing photo – incidentally, it says “away” on my page instead of the pic that was there before (an elderly lady taking off)

  2. I like it – and I like that you don’t like ‘non-fiction’, which is a fiction, just a dishonest one.

  3. [...] feel in love with this ezine the minute I read the following words from the “How Metazen Works” page: “metazen does not believe in non-fiction, both in a literary sense and an [...]

  4. I love the freshness here at Metazen. I love the big wide open spaces here that mimic how the world once was before it became toxic and overcrowded. I love the toxic aspects here that eliminate the wide open spaces. Forget everything I said. Concentrate on the love.


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