FRANK HINTON hides behind beautiful things with hopes that people will look there and admire the beauty of the thing and not s/he who trembles behind it. Frank believes in the magic within the mundane and feels fiction is just right for that kind of voodoo. Frank’s first novel ACTION, FIGURE is available from Tiny Hardcore Press. Frank’s blog is here.

Email:   editor.metazen@gmail.com



Managing Editor

CHRISTOPHER ALLEN is the author of the absurdist satire Conversations with S. Teri O’Type. When he’s not writing or editing for Metazen, he’s traveling. His obsession with seeing the entire planet is grand. He blogs HERE and HERE.

Email: christopher.metazen@gmail.com



Editorial Consultant

RILEY MICHAEL PARKER is the fella in charge of HOUSEFIRE, the Metazen sister site, and the co-head of the soon to be launched Metazen book department with MZ founder with Frank Hinton.


Email: riley.michael.parker@gmail.com



Associate Editor

CAITLIN LAURA GALWAY lives for clear, lyrical imagery and a gloomy seaside. She is the recipient of numerous grants and prizes/awards and her work has appeared in journals across North America. Her first novel, Blackbird, is available from Aqueous Books, and she has just signed with the Bukowski Agency for her second novel. 

Email: caitlin.metazen@gmail.com



Associate Editor

LEN KUNTZ is a young boy trapped in an adult physique. He has a list of eight things you can never get enough of, chief among them being: 1.) music 2.) books 3.) films, and, 4.) photography. He loves writers, and is always a sucker for a catchy pop hook. He is not very clever, but he is always honest when he blogs at lenkuntz.blogspot.com

Email: len.metazen@gmail.com



Reviews Editor

DECLAN TAN was born in Barking, Essex.

Email: tan.metazen@gmail.com

Associate Editor
DIANA KOLE spends her time thinking about whatever city she’s recently left. She enjoys translation, particularly those words that are un-translatable. On occasion, she will write about cheap wine here (dianakole.tumblr.com)

Email: kole.metazen@gmail.com


listening to satanic yogurt

Associate Editor
JANEY SMITH lives in San Francisco, California. She is the writer of THE SNOW POEMS (forthcoming on NAP, 2012) and ANIMALS (2011). She is contributing editor at BIG OTHER.

Email: smith.metazen@gmail.com


Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 5.33.37 PM
Intern/ Assistant Editor
Belinda Bilonda Kalala


Metazen Emeritus:  Marcus Speh, Julie Innis, Sheldon Lee Compton, DJ Berndt


We enjoy reading emails, receiving feedback, inquiries or anything else you feel like talking about. Please inspire or criticize us with fervent passion.

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