Feng the Chef Realizes China’s Not Buying Salmon from Norway by Roberto Garcia

Monday, October 24, 2011

Now I understand it!

Read the newspapers lately?

An empty pan with olive oil

& fresh cut garlic is sizzling

in my Beijing restaurant.

There’s no salmon,

the patrons are hungry

for spicy salmon steak.

Norway would love to sell salmon

to us in China,

Norwegian fish farmers

are jumping up & down.

China refuses them politely,

politely in that Communist way

of saying without saying.

While my profits decline,

the salmon rots at customs.

I blame Liu Xiaobo,

he sits in Jinzhou Prison

making controversy,

his Nobel prize a lamp

that keeps China from sleeping.

Yes, I blame Liu Xiaobo,

sitting in Jinzhou Prison,

writing poems on toilet paper

with some charcoal he’s procured.

His Nobel statement is titled

“I Have No Enemies”

but clearly he doesn’t like salmon.

If he did he’d return the Nobel Peace prize,

& let us get back to our cooking & selling.


Roberto Carlos Garcia’s work has appeared in the Istanbul Literary Review, Poets & Artists Magazine and at open mics all over.  He is a member of the online writers community Fictionaut.com.   Roberto is pursuing an MFA in Poetry and Poetry Translation at Drew University. You can follow Roberto Carlos Garcia on Twitter at @thespokenmind.

© 2011, Metazen.

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