Thursday, January 20, 2011



In all capitals, all the time




but I don’t even feel like

being in my own body.

Poem For Sitting In Panera

I feel odd about my life.

Like “off-putting”

Like “disconcerting”

Like “periodic burning”

Like “What just happened?”

Like “What is happening?”

Like “What will happen?”

Like “what service industry job am I best suited to perform once I am inevitably weeded
out of upward mobility? Which position will best soothe my ego while my manual labor
is exploited to best expedite the caffeinism, alcoholism or consumerism of the landed
gentry? And how will I ever make enough money within 10-15 years to be in a suitable
enough position to properly raise my children if I decide to breed? And who am I kidding
in thinking that my children have the slightest chance to not have to think about the
service industry, their best possible future position in it, and how their own children will
have to do the same while sitting at a Panera in 2056.”


James Payne is an artist, musician, and writer. banalization.blogspot.com.

Photo: FavoriteAccident


© 2011, Metazen.

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