this is a god damned round up

Saturday, June 5, 2010


here are some blogs i like:

you may be offended.

studu is a vis(ual) artist.

nick antosca took a picture of a possum walking by his house.


things that are kind of interesting and related to writing, sort of:

english is disappearing.

you are obligated to read what your friends write OR, tao lin and marshall-somethingorother start making out on HTML Giant and tao gives out his phone number.

creative minds mimic schizophrenia.

a list of authors that make fictional footnotes.

pulp master fiction plot.

questions authors want interviewers to asque.

touching essay by tracy lucas.

this feels good for about three seconds. text landscaping.

this is being called a ‘must’ read. must.


here is some cool shit:

superman is a dick.

poor boy and hipster girl talk farmville. pity ensues.

art by philippe ramette.

how to get crabs.

probably okay to watch if ur stoned.


here are some things that you can read if you’re bored because your favorite websites aren’t updating on this weekend:

June Hobart.

June decomP.

Flawnt (Tears).

Asian Cha.

June Elimae.

Sean Lovelace.

Spring Thirst For Fire.


here’s what we published this week:

Roland Goity thinks about America.

Patrick Wensink and a Sex Machine Belt.

Desmond Kon asks Desmond Kon a question.

Nicholas Rombes does it with a chick in moccasins.

Michael Caylo-Baradi watches an old man walk.


© 2010, Metazen.

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