Phone Sex Notes by Alexandra Naughton

Monday, April 8, 2013


“Hello, this is Alexandra, I’m only 18. Who am I speaking with?”

Chit chat– ego strokes, input, questioning & responding accordingly
don’t ask permission
sincere compliment to the caller to make them feel good about themselves.

1) Your voice is really sexy, deep and smooth.
2) That’s my favorite name for a man, and you sound really handsome.
3) So you work on cars? That’s good because I want you to give me a tune-up.
4) You’re lonely and I’m so glad you called because I was feeling pretty lonely too.

“I had a lot of fun this weekend. I went out with my girlfriends to this barbeque that our friend Dave, from school, was having. We all had a few drinks and watched the fireworks. And then I got a little crazy and started a pillow fight. It was really fun and my friend Rachel and I started kissing. Have you ever watched two hot girls kiss before? What did you do this weekend?”

“When was the last time a pretty girl told you that you have wonderful eyes?”

“Did you meet anyone interesting?”

do not ask permission questions.
– don’t ask — do you want to know how I look.
instead say
“Let me describe myself…”

Let me tell you what I look like:
“Well I have chin length reddish brown hair. I used to wear it longer but it kept getting in my eyes. I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall and I weigh 105 pounds. I’m a size 34 B, but it’s okay because I’m only 18. I have long legs and I’m on the track team so I can run really fast.”

The art of controlling a conversation
The art of assessing

What NOT to ask

no personal questions (are you married, work, home life, calling from, what they look like, age, big penis)
unless they prompt you

use the lingo they use

hot girls are never bored.

what are you doing?
– watching the sex tape I made last night
– listening to my roommate and her boyfriend having sex next door
– painting my nails and watching Girls Gone Wild and getting really horny.
– trying on this new lingere set I bought yesterday. Let me tell you what it looks like.
– laying on my bed, lightly fingering myself under my clothes. Let me tell you what I’m wearing.

think two steps ahead
part lover
part private investigator
part therapist

hot girl = 18 — 25

“Are you horny? Me too, I’m so glad we have something in common.”

Hot statements

1) I have a secret to tell you– I’m not wearing underwear.
2) I’m so glad you called because I’ve been laying here watching porn and I’m getting so horny. I haven’t had sex yet today and last night feels like forever ago. When was the last time you fucked a hot girl?
3) The air conditioner is on really high in my apartment and it’s making my nipples hard. Do you like hard nipples?

Redirect the conversation to something mundane, something that makes sense.
What kind of girls do you like?
What turns you on?

If a caller tries to give you his phone number, say “Oh, I’m so flattered but my daddy would kill me. But let me give you my four digit private number so you can call me later.”

Inclusive statements (use the 5 senses)

Touch  Tell me what it feels like
Taste Tell me how it tastes
Sight How does it look? Tell me what you see.
Hearing What do you hear?
Scent What does it smell like?

1) Be very descriptive
2) Timing (pause when necessary)
3) Assertive & erotic voice.

Ways to make money
– request calls

[hot movies & flat rate calls 5 - 7 minutes]
bonus dollars points above average
120 hrs/month 3 pt = $150
120 hrs/month 2 pt = $100
60 hrs/month 3 pt = $75
60 hrs/month 2 pt = $50

performance rate increase (PRI)
if you maintain shift average for the month, you get 40 cents for each hour of work


1) Greeting
2) What is your interest or fetish?
3) Go into your description (Think: where am I going to take him, which scenario)

4) Start the scenario (no chit chat)
a) libido check (30 seconds)
b) pace yourself
c) be detailed and descriptive
d) ego stroke & praise
e) correct/admonish caller when he does something wrong.

“Hello, this is Queen Antonia. To whom am I speaking? What is your interest or fetish?”

make them spank themselves

“Good boy. It pleases me when you follow my directions.”
“It pleases me when you obey.”

“Are you willing to cross all fetishes?” A slave is trained to do anything.

“If I told you to put your toothbrush in the toilet and then use it, would you do it?” A slave would do it.

“You belong to me, don’t you?”
“Tell me that you belong to me.”

“Are you touching that cock? You’d better not be touching that cock– that cock belongs to me. Put your hands by your side.”

“I can see you touching it. Stop. That cock belongs to me.”

Make him say your name every time.

13 inch black leather riding crop

B/D — bondage & discipline
S/M — sado masochism

“Let’s move on.”

Footworship (clean or dirty)
dirty– unwashed, crusty socks

humiliation– public, private, verbal

Body worship — his bare skin cannot touch my bare skin

cuckholding — wants to see his wife have sex with another man.

MILF — mom I’d like to fuck
– hot moms
between ages 35 and 60
should have children, no responsibilities

parent teacher conference

Horny Housewife — married woman,
ages 25 and 45 years old
- has a lot of free time
- turned on by sex with someone other than her husband
- sexually experienced
neighbors returns lawnmower
sleeping with business partner
swapping parents

cellulite, saggy boobs, plastic surgery, weekly massages, gardening & kickboxing

When answering a TV/TS call answer with your transexual character

TV/TS — 2nd highest call

novice– never been w/ transexual
experienced– has been with tv/ts

lots of ego stroking
remind how beautiful you are
“I started taking hormones at the age of 18 and now I just feel so gorgeous in every way…”
passable– pass for a woman
pre-op– preoperative — woman’s body with a cock
fully functional– cock still gets erect
1 cc every 2 weeks shot estradiol estrogen
breast augmentation (sub glandular/ sub muscular)

Asian calls: Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea

no taller than 5′4″
less than 120 lbs.
dark hair & dark eyes
small breasts, small
waist & small hips

Jun from Japan
5′2″, 98 pounds
enjoys sun bathing, pedicures, modeling, kittens, dancing

“I come from Japan but I moved here 3 years ago. My dad owns a spa where I also work as a massage specialist.”

get hot right away: Flat 15 , Hot Movie

To log on dial 6666
agent # = password
press 1 to log in
2 to log out

Who is going to call me???

Flirtacious statement to address the callers, aggressive/hot remarks
acknowledge, but then redirect

“I feel frisky, my neighbors in the upstairs apartment have been having sex for hours and I’ve been laying here playing with my clit and listening to them and now I’m dripping wet. Do you have noisy neighbors?

“Your voice is putting me in a particular mood, it’s kind of like listening to Marvin Gaye. You know ‘let’s get it on…’ What kind of music puts you in the mood?”

“My nipples got so hard just when I first heard you speak. I just want to lick my fingers and give them a rub. Imagine you fingers rubbing my nipples for me. Do you like having your nipples sucked on or rubbed?”

Is your pussy wet? “Of course it is, you’ve got me going and I’m soaking wet, I’m in the mood… What do you like to do to get in the mood?”

“Are you always wild or are you romantic with other girls?”

Let me hear you moan… “Oh baby I would love to moan for you. I love it when I can satisfy my man and he can satisfy me. Tell me, are you always this wild or are you more of a romantic type?”

I want you to get me off right now… “Baby, I would be more than happy to do that, especially since you just seem so kinky. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

Age?  18
Birthday?  October 16th
Hair color?  Red
Eye color?  Brown
Complexion?  Pale
Breast size?  34 B
Weight?  105
Nipples?  Small
Pussy?  Shaved

Have you ever had a sexual encounter in a car? Yes, in the front seat and the back. Road head is great, whether I’m giving or receiving.

Most exciting experience on your last trip? Making out with two hot Roman boys on the Spanish steps, then taking them both back to my hotel room.

Fantasy while traveling? When I was visiting the Tower of London I thought about how wonderful it would be to have one of those cold rooms to myself so I could get tied up and fucked roughly.

Cut/Uncut? I prefer circumcised men, but I love all cocks.

When did you lose your virginity? Age 18.

Tattoos? I have a lot of tattoos, but mostly in places where you have to get me naked to see them.

Thongs or panties? Little panties, or I go without underwear altogether.

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? I didn’t have enough money to pay rent one month, so I sucked my landlord’s cock while his wife ate my pussy.

Older/younger men? Older men.

Favorite sex toy? My fingers.

What kind of men do you like? Tall, well-dressed, and well-read.

What is your favorite time of day to fuck? Morning, as soon as I wake up. It’s a good start to the day.

What is your favorite sexual position, and why? I like to be on top. I get the most pleasure when I’m riding a cock.

Do you like oral sex? Yes, please. All the time, if possible.

Do you like anal sex? Of course.

What is one sexual act that you have not tried yet? I’ve never worn a strap-on, but I’d like to try it soon.

What’s your unfulfilled fantasy? Red Riding Hood role play.

What is the most sensitive spot on your body? I’m sensitive all over, but I love to be smacked around.

What was your first sexual encounter with a woman? Her name was Tammy, and she and her boyfriend invited me to join them for a threesome. She kissed me while I fucked her boyfriend, and then she cleaned my pussy afterward.

Do you consider yourself bisexual? I don’t categorize myself that way. I like to fuck.

Are you an exhibitionist or a voyeur? I like to both watch and be watched.

Have you ever watched two people fucking? How did it make you feel? I share a bedroom with my best friend– when she brings guys home and I’m in bed, I pretend to be asleep while watching and touching myself under my covers.

Do you masturbate? Yes.

Do you like to masturbate in front of your partner? As an act of foreplay, yes.

People who have my private #:

7/14 Mike — likes to have people watch him jack off
7/14 Charlie — Asian call. I’m his little whore. Refers to himself as “daddy.”
7/14 Brian — loves scat & other dirty things
7/15 Greg — lonely, phone sex addict
7/15 Doug — Hispanic, has a big dick and loves to fuck Black men.
7/17 Randy — Poet, likes to chit-chat, sword dancing, age 41, ex-government assassin
7/17 David — wants to see his wife get gang banged
Alexandra Naughton lives in San Francisco. She is publisher of alt lit magazine Be About It. She blogs:

© 2013, Metazen.

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