Two Poems About Pie by Kyle Caputo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Midnight Snack

Drunk and alone again
Drenched in stale perfume and memories
I can’t connect my thoughts
My speech decays into shrieks and babbles
I cry on the carpet for an hour
Get up, fall, my cheek hits the side of the coffee table
Some blood drips down my chin like a tear
I stumble to the kitchen
In the refrigerator’s eerie glow
A half-finished pie lies under plastic wrap
I lift it, gorge myself, vomit vodka and lemon meringue
Wake up in the morning to go to work
I pretend the scratch on my cheek is from my cat
My coworkers believe me
Over leftover pie in the lunch room,
We exchange stories about our cats.


The Saddest Pie

Sometimes feeling gauzy
She eats pie and stares out the window
There are cars passing by
She thinks of the concept of “thrownness”

The one she read of in the book
How we are all “thrown” into the world
Without any prior knowledge or desire
A world that has existed and will continue to exist without us
She feels untethered but somewhat thrilled
It is about to rain and all the light is coming from the ground now
She swallows the pie like a pie-eating cow
Slowly, thoughtfully
Feeling the crumbs against her tongue and throat
She tries not to think about anything
It is a Monday afternoon
She starts to feel dark but weightless
She checks her email and gets
Another slice of pie
The crust is so buttery.


Kyle Caputo has been featured in Brio Literary Journal and currently lives in Sydney. His favorite flavor of pie is pecan.

© 2013, Metazen.

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