Peck Untitled by Hannah Peck

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hannah eats cat hair

picks her crotch

smells her hand

scratches the bumps on her face

and her back

makes them bleed

licks her fingers

rubs them clean.

Hannah’s teeth are furry

forgets to brush them

attacks the warts on her feet

with nail clippers

sometimes bites them.

Hannah’s sheets are matted

with skin flakes

pubic hairs

old sex stains

her feet are dirty when she

gets into bed

there’s dust there, too

grains of rice.

All of the doorknobs in Hannah’s house

have been touched by unwashed hands

contaminated food

she wakes up at noon

rubs her jaw, has diarrhea

runs out of toilet paper

calls for help, remembers

gets it herself.


My whole brain could fit onto this stamp
shrivelling into a walnut shell
I could mail it to you
wrapped in plastic and kisses
or toss it at you
from across the yard, under a tree
you could crumple it
put it in a nostril
crunch it to sand with your teeth
swallow it whole, whatever.


Hannah Peck is a 25 year old accident living in Toronto.  Her work has appeared in The Smoking Poet, The Ontarion, and PressBoardPress.

© 2013, Metazen.

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