[WAKING LIFE IS A LUCID DREAM] by Matthew Sherling

Monday, March 25, 2013


when I see complete strangers crying
I want to hug them

these days are not relivable

I’ve cut my hair myself
for the last year

& each time
it feels like I’m creating art

like a dog is barking
in my brain

I want to be a nobody
I want to be famous

there is a difference
asking good questions
& being good
at asking them

there is a game
& no one knows
what it means
to win

which is to say
I want to build a snowwoman
next time I’m in the snow

I want to drink tea
from a beaker

in my own personal wilderness

Matthew Sherling lives in San Francisco, where he likes to create things. He runs the interview blog Cutty Spot & the e-magazine Gesture. Among other places, his work appears or is upcoming in The Columbia Review, The Believer, Thought Catalog, Fanzine, The Lit Pub, BIRP!, NAP, & Have U Seen My Whale. He released a mini-chapbook called [WHAT] in April 2012.

© 2013, Metazen.

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