This Speaks Nothing to How He Greets His Guests When Sitting on the Verandah by Shaun Gannon

Thursday, February 7, 2013


  • After they’ve spoken with the consigliere, who screens for unwanted visitors (the other assistants check for weapons), they are led to the doors to his office, which are always closed. They are then let in by the godfather’s doorman.

  • The office itself bears dark tones, heavy shades and thick carpeting that hides the stains.

  • The desk is surprisingly standard size, but further attention shows the quality of grain and brass. Rather than behind, but before it, the godfather sits.

    • His chair is padded yet quaint and lacks armrests, as do all others.

    • An ashtray on a pedestal is planted beside it. Two others rest in the corners beside the bodyguards positioned against the wall doors.

  • He turns to one of his two assistants standing on either side wall*, each holding a chair. The process works as such:

    • If the guest is not unwanted, yet a nuisance, or if it is a man who tries the patience of the godfather, the man holding the shorter, less luxurious (yet still impressive) chair will bring it before the godfather for his guest.

    • If the guest is pleases the godfather, is a relative, or notable employee, the man holding the more impressive more comfortable chair will step forward.

    • There is a chair in the corner of the room that is of the same quality of the godfather’s. This is reserved solely for the oldest friends and relatives of the godfather, or, when it is the godfather himself who must report a death to a loved one or partner.

      • This has caused the employees to refer to it as The Funeral Chair, as in, “if anyone sitting there doesn’t know someone who died, then they better have their good suit cleaned already.”

        • They do not say this in front of the godfather.

  • The godfather will always look his guests in the eye when they enter.

    • His eye contact will only break immediately for a close family member or old friend.

    • If the guest is unwanted, the degree of irritation with the guest can be reflected in the amount of time the godfather holds his stare.

  • Finally, the pose of the godfather can be interpreted to sense his current demeanor.

    • If he leans back, legs crossed, free hand – the godfather always smokes – resting on his knee, he is either pleased with his guest or intends to intimidate them.

    • If he slides his hand under the crook of his arm as he smokes, he is considering, reflecting, or musing.

      • The degree to which he smokes during this position reflects the intensity of thought.

    • If the Funeral Chair has been pulled out, the godfather will stare at the floor until the guest is comfortably seated.

      • Note: this is the sole exception to any observations previously noted about eye contact.

    • On special occasions when the godfather is especially pleased, he will slowly raise his arms in the air, as if this is best he can perform at “throwing them,” and possibly raise his voice in delight.

      • The only instances where the godfather actually rises from his chair during these proceedings is upon being informed of a birth, no matter how distant he is to the parents.

    • It is at this time that the meeting begins.

© 2013, Metazen.

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