Two poems by Sarah Cook

Monday, February 25, 2013


Earth day is not that different than the rest of us

it makes more sense to think of people as structures, the eyes

almost negligible

at least once i want to tell someone

the bones piling up under my bed

i put them in my heart, my legs

When’s the last time you did anything with bones

i am not ferocious or nosy or even red-faced

i do wonder about people

the soft foamy drip of nighttime

the way a person can smile it is a slow boat

freezing the days around it

stop and then smile again nobody

the cold air or believe it’s up to them

just like the two of us talking now often

my eyes the source of hesitation, if i tell you

all a joke is it your last move is it stay

I’d take a picture if you were one step closer

this mouth is heavy like a breeze, i think

water when it touches my lips

you will always push it away

devour someone in single file

can’t really be part of a system

stand pretend by myself

and following others i pretend

never saw you I am busy I am a body

lined up or other bodies in front

me and hopefully others behind

i don’t look i know you

so close i can tell there is wind

when it touches my lips like a card

a card shuffling past your mouth some

cold little boat someone’s fist


Sarah Cook is a poet. One time, she drove from Oregon to Maine with a husband and two cats. Her chapbook a meadowed king is out now from dancing girl press.

© 2013, Metazen.

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