The Man by Ellie Stewart

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


i wanna to be a warrior man
former-body-builder man released
stalked jungle soldier sweating
acrid fear underarm as the heart goes thud thud thud,
as it
pounds and pounds.
i grip the gun
and suck in air
and listen out for the alien sound

i wanna be a junkie man
black-fingernail-man writing poetry
rickety heart on gossamer strings
scratched-off labels of glassy things with
the lung-sound blowing dry holy
on wood and panes.
fine bonecrumbs line the way to the door frame

i wanna to be a ladies’ man
decked out dangerous
lad-about-town on the premises
stand up shouting in the street kicking back on the concrete clocking fair sluts
good to eat
clenching that fist at my side to the club beat

i wanna to be a charming man
long fingered, long white neck man
different stride on the street
hiding the slippery inside red as orchid blood and the thud thud thud
under jungle heat and inky seclusion and hard concrete
mending my time in the meat


Ellie Stewart grew up in Wimbledon and studied English and Philosophy at the University of Leeds. Her stories have been published online including in The Pygmy Giant and The Molotov Cocktail, and she has twice been shortlisted in The Writer’s Village short story competition. She has also had stories published by Ether Books and Arachne Press (in the short story anthology Stations). Ellie blogs for The Feminist Book Club and The Huffington Post, and currently works in Digital Communications for King’s College London. You can follow her on Twitter @elliemayonnaise

© 2013, Metazen.

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