Masks by Geoffrey Miller

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Tsuneo aquiline, Ibuki waiting, although Japanese.  In any case, séance of expression – what? – noise, I, darkness, I, chair, mysterious with sudden real words.  That’s three-year-old warmth, one side woman, narrow, numberless asked – why?  Politely.  Yes – father, muscular, little man era, anyway performance wanted, don’t, highborn, blackened.

Train, sun, the face quickly, still and fixed.  My advice, yesterday she really, she expects, wait, work partly.  Good.  Canceled from some encumbrance.  Besides, when the sight, direction, him, late husband – off.  Yasuko palm – order me around.

Sunday morning, beautiful surprise, lantern, stones, mother, attending family – moving sounds, lectures and Thanks.  Seemed Yasuko had transmitters, connection system, lady completely jealous, matters of music grows Middle Ages – describe intensified sufferings before him.

Satisfied though in an exquisite hand, when shape-strength-selfhood, might briefly, gods something amateurish, women, this mask felt safe.  I, fingers fragrant, recent and intact, like a stab, again, such a thing – as you know as well – nightfall helpless, of course done, printed.  House, near you say, pallor Meiko, fragrant in disappointment instructions again, room, smaller than the other mentioned, crisply, some sexuality the other fantasy, bond of twinship.

Harume, liquor, had been display, snow, Yasuko toward the pockmarked hotel elevator, although kin, her hair, prey they, less than a year, one after one, society argued look there’s a – pussycat proposed.  House, they parted crisp, nonchalance, like that of something animal, she, woman – was human.

Around six o’clock, Mieko forgive me, grinning, but I can’t, whisky, young breath, possible had seated, he answered.  Meiko smile crack scarcely seemed rode, the letter made docilely fastidious, rolled a bit toward the door.  Bold oval face, Yasuko, brought us once again, early morning bare skin, different, pent up longing, for some his advances hold, Did you come?, whether another realm, I don’t know where to begin.

Hold time, resentment, dated back, that had been more, deepened, possessive presents wonder, often happens, reputable agency – bed, puppets.


Geoffrey Miller is a lecturer of composition currently teaching at Qatar University. His most recent publications are ‘Strand’ & ‘It wasn’t broken’ (fiction) Crack the Spine Issue 39, ‘Ominous Fear’ (photography series and essay) Kartika Review Issue 13, Summer 2012, ‘Ascension’ (fiction) Stepping Stone Magazine May 2012, and ‘Manila’ (fiction) Anok Sastra Vol. 6.

© 2012 – 2013, Metazen.

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