Landmarks Haunted by Debt Consult the Spirit World for Help
by JDA Winslow

Monday, November 19, 2012

She’s not exactly sick. But she’s not her normal self. Maybe she’s hanging out in one area a bit more than usual. Or perhaps she doesn’t have the same “get up and go” that she did in previous weeks.

They are driving the car along the old canal. She is still calling him Scienceboy. The knife is by her side. She is driving. It is difficult driving on the canal. The wheels turning provide such a minimal effect on the drag. Electroboy thinks of ways of improving the efficiency of the system. Electroboy distracts himself with thoughts of cars turned into motorised pedalos. Maybe everyone is dead now. He doesn’t now. The night after the massacre he cried. She leant over him:

“Look, Scienceboy. It was not a death but rather a negation, a cancelling out. We need to give you roots, to plant you.”

She pauses. Electroboy carries on crying.

“Scienceboy, there are only two beautiful things in this world. Do you know what they are?”

The crying lightens to a spiritual drizzle but he still refuses to speak.

“Scienceboy they are birth and death. You weren’t born though, not really, you are nameless and lost. I could not birth you. Remember the deaths. They were your birth.”

Electroboy gets up and walks off. She watches, concerned. His feet grind the broken glass further into the floor. He walks to the other side of the warehouse. His hands ascend in unison, and (elbows out, dead wings) he places them behind his head. If one were to hover carefully in either one of the two bowed almost triangles hanging in his air one would observe the way in which the base of his palms tightened carefully against the base of his skull. If one were to hover carefully on the other side one would see that this mounting pressure seemed to forces his eyelids to lower and shut firmly. Eventually this moment passes.




It is said almost diffidently. He wanders back to the girl. He lies down. He goes to sleep. The next day she steals a car. He follows. Sometimes they flirt. They are driving along a canal. They reach an estate. There is a sensation that is almost transcendental. The towers are practical, efficient. People appear.



“Is it ok if we stay here?”

“This is a commune”


“So yeh. Go ahead.”

The area is greige. Electroboy feels something. Kids run and shout past them and they try and step out of the car. Kids run and shout and play and they climb out of the sunroof. Everything is going to be ok.


© 2012 – 2013, Metazen.

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