Two Poems by Mira Gonzalez

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Semi-Humorous Paradox

can i please touch your face with my face

would you put some coffee grounds on your tongue

and then put your tongue in my hand

in my dream i watched you masturbate

while floating ~5 inches above you

i was invisible until i kissed your mouth

will you let me do that tomorrow afternoon

i will text you

something that makes me happy

is when i sneeze multiple times in quick succession

and it feels like a tiny orgasm in my face

today i am going to fill my bathtub with milk

and if my nose starts bleeding

the milk will turn pink

then maybe you could lick my face

and tell me that my blood tastes like pennies

why do we both know what pennies taste like

Heartbroken People With Extreme Personality Flaws

i want to feel orgasms in the tip of my nose and the back of my ear

in the cartilage between the vertebrae that make up my spinal column

would you stare at my face for ~2 hours without blinking

standing on the splintery wooden porch of the house where i was born

we are craving a certain unachievable density in emotions

that can only be partially expressed through physical movements

subtle gestures that suggest something complex and vague

i will kiss you everywhere and recklessly

under the avocado tree during a thunderstorm

in that hole i dug in my dad’s backyard when i was 7

here are some things that i would like to touch

clavicle bones, backs of knees, adam’s apple, space between fingers

together we will have this extremely beautiful sensation

of being twice as frail as we once were

and it will feel like the first time you ever had a cold

the last time you tasted grape flavored cough syrup

a light pink fever


Mira Gonzalez has been published here: and here: she has self published ome poems and other writing here:

© 2012 – 2013, Metazen.

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